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About he BEST Reading Program and Mrs. E!

About the Best reading curriculum Jane

Jane Erdiakoff has spent over 30 years teaching children how to read. She is a public-school teacher focusing on kindergarten through second grade. She has seen the good curriculums and the bad. Mrs. E’s B.E.S.T. Reading Program gives you the benefit of her extensive experience so you can teach your young people quickly and effectively.

This program relies heavily on the best practices in Phonics. Step-by-step instruction teaches all the fundamentals from learning the letters and sounds to recognizing words and creating meaning. There was a time when site words were all the rage. In some instances, Phonics was abandoned and site words were over emphasized. There is a place for the recognition of common words. This program emphasizes Phonics and incorporates the best of site words to produce a blended approach that is extremely effective.

This program combines print materials with the power of videos and computerized learning activities. Buying this book gives you and your students online access to a world of fun, interesting activities that teach the concepts, give the practice necessary, reinforce the learning and allow your student to soar.

This program includes a Teacher’s Manual, a Student’s Workbook, Alphabet Flash Cards, a set of fun reading books, and a world of online videos and support activities. Buying the Teacher’s Manual and Student’s Workbook gives you access to the online materials and videos. Everything you need to know is included in the program. Step-by-step instructions and what to cover in each class session is specifically explained so there is no guessing. Your students will enjoy learning and develop skills quickly.

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